How to Seal Your Windows for Winter Weather

As you prepare for the winter, it is very important to remember to help with making sure your apartment is staying warm.  Making your heating system work harder is both financially and environmentally wasteful.  Here are a few ways you can seal your apartment for the winter in your Norwalk , CT.

preparing for a norwalk winter

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  • Draft Snake: This fabric tube is simply placed on a window sill to prevent air from getting in.  You can make your very own draft snake buy sewing a tub of fabric and filling it with rice.  Get creative and coordinate your draft snakes to match the room.
  • Layered Curtains: Double up on the curtains during the winter months to help block drafts.  You can also switch out summer curtains for a heavier material.
  • Cellular Shades: To help maintain a good flow of natural lighting, cellular shades may be a better option.  Cellular shades block out drafts while still letting in natural light.

Use these energy saving tips for winterizing an apartment this season.  Contact us at Merritt River Apartments in Norwalk, CT for more information about our luxurious apartments.

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